“ Welcome to//   DERICHEBOURG Atis GmbH. ”

DERICHEBOURG Corporate Values Expertise

Expertise is the first thing we owe to our
customers. The result of years of experience,
research and innovation, our expertise in
each sector is unanimously recognised and
actively promoted by an ambitious policy of
recruiting, training and sharing best practices.
The methods and know-how of our teams and
units are confirmed by multiple certifications,
qualifications and accreditations.

DERICHEBOURG Corporate Values Service acumen

Service acumen is an essential value in
each of our sectors and business activities,
inspiring our day to day operations.
It motivates us to do all we can to take into
account and satisfy our customers’ needs
within each of our service contracts.

DERICHEBOURG Corporate Values Sustainable development

The DERICHEBOURG Group cares deeply
about the environmental impact of business
activities and is driven by the desire to play
an active role in seeking methods of sustain-
able development.

DERICHEBOURG Corporate Values International ambition

To meet the expectations of its multinational
customers and to offer performing solutions
in globalised markets, the DERICHEBOURG
Group has made international development
one of its priorities. With more than 300
establishments and 39,000 associates in
over 30 countries, the Group is able to
provide a seamless transnational service
and to guarantee to each of its customers
local proximity.

Aeronautics – from industrial
preparation to customer delivery

We are the German subsidiary of the French company DERICHEBOURG Atis aéronautique and belong in turn to the internationally successful DERICHEBOURG Group. As an aeronautical service partner, we support many and various projects covering all stages in the life-cycle of aircraft.

We invite you to join us and to benefit from attractive opportunities and perspectives in a wide range of continually evolving services, available for the aeronautical sector.

Atis GmbH
Hein-Sass-Weg 38
D-21129 Hamburg